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If you’ve regarded a contemporary coat of paint on your home’s exterior, knowing in which to begin is 50 % the struggle. Whether your household has organic wooden, aluminum, vinyl, or hardie board (fiber cement) siding, each sort of materials demands a distinct solution when it will come to painting.

So, can you paint siding? The most simple response is sure, but respecting the product with the right preparation, tools and paint will assure the concluded item comes out wanting magnificent.

Browse on to obtain out how to method painting each and every sort of siding.

Painting Normal Wood Siding

For the reason that of its pure features, this style of siding needs shielding. Creating positive you’re keeping on top of routine maintenance of your all-natural wooden siding will assure your house stays in great form and seems attractive. 

A great way to sustain the integrity of your all-natural wooden siding is to refresh its paint. Here’s a rapid overview of how to paint normal wooden siding.

Action 1: Examine Your Siding

Examine to see if there is any flaking, peeling, exposed seams, or rotting wooden. These troubles will need to be addressed just before you get started painting.

Step 2: Scrape and Sand Loose Paint

Just after placing down drop cloths to capture any paint particles, use a paint scraper to eliminate any flaking or peeling paint to make sure a sleek end. Subsequent, using a sander, start out sanding with a coarse abrasive and end with a good abrasive to smooth the edges among painted and scraped regions. Failing to thoroughly prep your all-natural wood siding in advance of painting can result in uneven coverage or extra peeling. Additionally, painting more than wood with high humidity information does not quit the deterioration course of action and must replaced.

Phase 3: Prime Wooden

You are going to need to clean the floor of the wood right before painting. Preferably, use a strain washer to blast away any dirt or remaining paint chips by likely from base to major to stay clear of any staining. Be really mindful to not get water behind the siding as this can lead to humidity problems inside of your home. Allow dry for 2 or 3 times in advance of you begin painting.

Phase 4: Paint

We recommend making use of a primer/sealer prior to painting your foundation colour to assure the paint bonds to the wood accurately. After that coat dries fully, implement your paint shade! Starting off from the top and working down, make guaranteed you are making use of paint evenly to steer clear of apparent markings as it dries.

Painting Aluminum Siding

A popular option publish Earth War II, aluminum needs quite tiny routine maintenance and has terrific insulation and weather defense traits.

Whilst a low cost and resilient product, it is vulnerable to dents and quick-fading paint. A fast coat of paint will continue to keep your aluminum-clad dwelling sparkling!

Stage 1: Prep the Floor

Examine the aluminum siding and scrape off any peeling or flaking paint, as well as any aged caulk traces. Scrub away any mildew and grime with heat, soapy water. Alternatively, utilizing a electric power-washer will velocity up this approach, just be very careful not to get drinking water guiding the aluminum siding. Allow dry for 2 or 3 days ahead of you start off painting. With out thorough prep, the paint finish will bubble up, peel or fade a lot quicker than supposed ensuing in you acquiring to do an additional painting job.

Step 2: Prime the Floor

A galvanized metallic etching primer will give you the finest effects when painting your aluminum siding. You are going to want to use a artificial polyester paintbrush to cover the total surface space and permit it overcome for at the very least 4 several hours.

Phase 3: Paint

Applying 100% acrylic exterior paint, use a brush to paint the edges first right before loading your paint roller. Operate the roller in the direction the siding is oriented (aspect to side if horizontal, up and down if vertical), doing the job your way from the prime to the base. Allow the paint dry for at least 2 hours just before applying one more coat.

Painting Vinyl Siding

By far the most well-known siding product for residence exteriors, vinyl is viewed as servicing-free of charge that does not typically involve painting because of to coloration currently being mixed in with the materials. Nonetheless, vinyl siding can shed its luster over time or you may well be wanting a facelift for your property.

What ever the situation, you can paint vinyl siding, it’s just vital to recall that your vinyl siding will now be as upkeep-absolutely free as the paint alone.

It is also essential to test if painting your vinyl siding voids any producer warranties that may perhaps nevertheless be in influence.

Move 1: Clear the Vinyl

Rinse your siding with water. Then, with a cleaning answer, scrub away grime, grease, and particles, performing from the base to the top. Do not get water driving the siding as this can bring about expensive dampness difficulties down the line. Be sure it dries wholly just before relocating to the up coming phase.

Action 2: Prime (Optional)

Vinyl siding does not need a primer, but it will not harm to use just one, especially if your siding has deteriorated or withstood extreme weathering. Allow the primer dry absolutely.

Step 3: Paint

Paint an even coat of exterior paint, working with the same approach you utilized when priming. Allow the initially coat dry totally prior to applying a proposed next coat.

Painting Hardie Board Siding

Talk about resilient. Hardie Board, also identified as fiber cement siding, is a composite materials produced of concrete substrate. Considerably heavier than its counterparts, it’s incredibly resilient and ordinarily does not need a paint refresh for up to 20 a long time.

Painting hardie board is not only achievable, it’s advisable to extend its sturdiness and hold your house searching refreshing.

Action 1: Clear

Applying a basic yard hose or a tension washer, spray away any dirt, grime, grease and dust. It’s most effective to begin at your roofline and perform your way down.

Action 2: Key

If you are doing work with brand new hardie board siding, identify whether it is Prefinished, Manufacturing unit Primed or Unprimed. If your siding is Unprimed, you will have to have to utilize an exterior-grade acrylic latex primer in advance of you start off painting. If you have a Prefinished or Manufacturing facility Primed hardie board, you can skip this phase.

Action 3: Paint

The good news is, hardie board is an very uncomplicated material to paint. Nonetheless, no matter what approach you use to paint (brush, roller, sprayer, etc), you’ll require to apply two coats of paint to realize the ideal end.


As you can see, it’s feasible to paint any variety of siding. The kicker is the amount of money of time these projects can get, the devices and the basic know-how that can switch a weekend task into an expensive overhaul.

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