How to Choose a House Painting Color Scheme

How to Choose a House Painting Color Scheme

How to Choose a House Painting Color Scheme

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of your home, one crucial aspect that requires meticulous planning is the color scheme. The right choice of color not only uplifts your mood but also subtly brings out your personality. As a trusted name in house painting, Original Style Painting and Decorating, offer you comprehensive tips to choose the perfect color scheme for your house.

Understand the Color Wheel

The basic understanding of the color wheel can assist you in choosing the best color scheme. Primary colors like red, blue, and yellow combine to create secondary shades like orange, purple, and green. Tertiary colors result from the combination of a primary and secondary color. Understanding this circle of colors helps you in mix and match shades to create a cohesive looking space. Curious about how this applies to different types of spaces? Check on domestic painting and commercial painting for more information.

Select a Color Base For Different Spaces

Does the thought of selecting colors for each room seem overwhelming? Worry not! Start simply by choosing a base color, making the process smoother. Based on the ambiance wished for each room, colors can be picked. A calm blue or green shade can offer a relaxing vibe for bedrooms, whereas bright lively colors might suit the living area. To see the magic of color transformation, you can check out our gallery.

Factor in Furniture and Decor

Remember, the color scheme is not only about the walls but should complement your furniture and decor too. For instance, if your furnishings are vibrant in color, consider a subtle shade for the walls. For more details on this, visit our furniture painting section.

Understand the Effect of Light

Did you know that colors appear differently under varying light conditions? A color may seem different under fluorescent light compared to natural light. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the light condition of your room before selecting a scheme.

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