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    Searching for Plastering Services Dublin? You’ve hit the jackpot! Os Decor is one of the most highly recommended plasterers Dublin. We provided the very best of plastering services, tackling all plastering jobs with expertise and experience.

    We know that bringing back the look of any home can be hugely difficult. It requires forward-thinking people who have a strong understanding of your wants and needs with the property. Os Decor has been in the recommended plasterers Dublin scene for many years now. We know what’s what in the plastering business, offering you the very best in terms of the plastering prices Dublin people want.

    Not only are our plastering prices competitive, but our plastering contractors Dublin produce the very best in terms of craftsmanship every single time. Our plastering process includes numerous quality-control checks to guarantee customer satisfaction. Why not have a look at our testimonials and see for yourself!

    If your walls are in a state, Os Decor can help. We tackle old woodchip wallpaper, cracks, lumps and bumps, damp-treated walls, breeze blocks – you’ve got it, we can plaster it! We have a combination of plastering techniques in our repertoire. We specialise in Multifinish plaster. Multifinish is the reddish plaster that is used in most homes when they are first built or are redeveloped. It is a gypsum finish plaster which can be used on a vast array of background to provide an inert, smooth, high-quality surface to your ceilings and internal walls. It also serves as a durable base for applying your decorative finishes, whether they be paint or wallpaper, among other decorating techniques. It goes without saying that re-plastering a whole wall is the best technique for achieving a great surface and one that will stand the test of time too.   Additionally, we use Easyfil, a basic filler which is perfect for fixing fractures and holes in walls and ceilings without having to re-plaster the entire wall.

    Our plastering services in Dublin include: plastering over Artex, skimming old drylining, decorative plasterwork, interior plastering, exterior plastering, and Artex. All of our work meets health and safety guidelines and regulations and is compliant with building regulations. You don’t need to worry, Os Decor knows what plastering should look like and should be like!

    After we have plastered your wall, it will need a couple of days to dry out completely (two to four days is optimal, depending on the air temperature level). We would, therefore, recommend that you schedule your plastering to take place the week before or the weekend before any primary design work is due to start on your property. Of course, should you wish to have any advice on your plastering needs then we would gladly assist. Let us know your requirements and we will see what we can do to meet your needs.

    As plastering contractors Dublin, we are available for commercial as well as domestic plastering contracts. No more searching for “plasterer Dublin”: you’ve found one right here! Why not get in touch to see if we can meet the needs of your plastering project? Additionally, if you combine our plastering service with one of our other services, such as house painting, commercial painting, wallpapering, spray painting, and furniture painting, you will be able to benefit from our discounts, membership and combination deals. Contact us for your free quote now! Here’s a link to our amazing testimonials and our gallery so that you can see our work for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

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