How to Paint Brick

How to Paint Brick

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Paint Brick by Original Style Painting and Decorating

Painting a brick wall might seem straightforward, but there are certain elements to consider before you embark on such a project. Here at Original Style Painting and Decorating, we offer a range of services including domestic painting and commercial painting, and are happy to share our professional advice on painting brick walls.

Why Paint Brick?

Your brick might be old, or you might just want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Painting brick can bring life to a room or exterior wall, changing mood and style in an incredible way.

Is it Difficult to Paint Brick?

While painting brick isn’t a simple two-step process, don’t fret. With the right guidelines and a professional team like Original Style Painting and Decorating, it can be a straightforward project. Here are steps to help you achieve a stunning transformation.

Steps to Painting Brick

Clean the Brick

Brick can accumulate dirt, so before any painting, it’s important to thoroughly clean the surface.

What Equipment Should I Use?

To clean the brick, you might need a wire brush, soap, water, and a rag. A power washer can also be useful for outdoor cleaning.

Seal the Brick

Once the brick is clean and dry, apply a sealant. This step will help prevent moisture from seeping in, an important consideration especially for outdoor, exposed brick.

How Long Should I Wait for It to Dry?

This step largely depends on the type of sealant. Read instructions on the sealant packaging and ensure the surface is completely dry before painting.

Select and Apply Paint

Consider using a primer before painting. After applying primer, choose masonry paint or latex paint for your brick. It provides coverage and lasts long. For professional painting services, you can reach out to us through our contact page.

When and Why Should I Hire a Professional?

Despite the do-it-yourself trend, hiring a professional team for your painting job is always beneficial. Professionals have the experience, the right equipment, and the expertise to handle unexpected roadblocks. At Original Style Painting and Decorating, we offer superior spray painting and wallpapering services. You can see our previous works at our gallery and read our client’s testimonials.

Deciding to paint a brick wall is a commitment. It is difficult to reverse once done. That is why we recommend consulting with professionals before venturing into such projects. With Original Style Painting and Decorating, you can be sure to have the best paint job that suits your specific needs and preferences. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest projects and painting tips.

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