The Latest House Painting Trends

The Latest House Painting Trends

Discovering the Latest House Painting Trends with Original Style Painting and Decorating

As we delve into a new decade, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are eager to modernise their houses, starting with painting their property . As trusted experts in the painting industry, Original Style Painting and Decorating highlights the hottest trends to carry your home into the new era.

Warm Neutral Tones

A newfound emphasis on comfort and tranquillity has placed warm neutral tones back into the spotlight. Enriching homes lavish beige, soft ochre and gentle cream colours can offer a soothing atmosphere. Our domestic painting services cater to this trend, ensuring your house becomes an inviting space.

Invigorating Greens

A trend for natural, earthy colours is gaining momentum. Green colours, ranging from olive to turquoise, are popular choices to emulate nature’s calming effect. At Original Style Painting and Decorating, our professionals can guide you on the best green shade to illuminate your house.

Why is green so beloved?

Green is the colour of renewal and relaxation, and so promotes a perfect balance of tranquillity and rejuvenation in your house. To further explore the versatility of green in various tones, get in touch with our experts or browse our gallery for inspiration.

Rich, Warm Colours

For those seeking an audacious outlook, why not consider the allure of warm, bold colours like reds, oranges, and sunny yellows? Our commercial painting service features this colour scheme perfectly, incorporating audacity and style while maintaining professional undertones.

Dark Paint for Dramatic Effect

Who says dark paints are gloomy? The employment of rich navy, lush grape, or deep forest green can craft an aura of luxury and grandeur. Check our furniture painting services for a glimpse at how darker shades can elevate your interior.

Embracing Wallpaper Patterns

Are you fed up with plain painted walls and eager for a creative alternative? Our wallpapering service can offer a wide array of patterns and designs, allowing you to inject personality into your home design.

Texture Finish for The Win

Stand out from the crowd by opting for plastering or spray painting techniques to deliver textured finishes. From having a suede look to giving a plaster finish, these chic styles can sparkle your interior with uniqueness.

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